The Sequence: Back to the Future

Part 1: (0:00 – 31:30)BttF 3Overloaded amps, Huey Lewis rejections, sad family dinners, time traveling dogs, and The Libyans!

Part 2: (31:30 – 55:53)BttF 8Aliens in barns, Hill Valley in the 50s, chance encounters with Mom and Dad as teenagers, and a meeting with the young(er) Doc Brown.

Part 3: (55:53 – 1:16:40)BttF 9
Matchmaking Mom and Dad, Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan, improvised skateboards, and a letter to 1985.

Part 4: (1:16:40 – 1:31:12)
BttF 14
Biff gets clobbered, George and Lorraine kiss, Marty invents rock and roll.

Part 5: (1:31:12 – 1:51:51)
BttF 18
The clocktower finale, Doc suits up, the new and improved McFly family.