This is a place for people who love film and television of any kind, and who also reject tribalistic, toxic fandom. If I mention Roma and The Last Jedi, and your reaction is “Oh I like both those films” then you belong here! And if your reaction is “Oh I didn’t like either of those films but if someone does it’s not harming anyone” then you belong here too!

Justin O’Hanley

In 2014, I began working in the east coast Canadian film industry. Very quickly, I wound up in a positive feedback loop; the more I’d work on sets, the more I’d appreciate the work that went into my favourite movies. The more I appreciated those movies, the better I became at my job. At a certain point I had entirely too many movie related, granular observations cluttering up my brain, and in order to function in society again, it became necessary for me to branch into film criticism.

During a recent production hiatus I began contributing freelance articles to various entertainment websites. The work itself I loved, but the majority of my time was spent pitching content to editors that was meant more to inflame arguments in comment sections. And frankly I didn’t feel like writing about superhero movies EVERY week. There was no online venue that would let me talk about film and TV is quite the way I wanted, which is what led me to create Cine-Betweeners.

This is a place for film nerds to use their passion and obsessiveness not for evil, but to break down exactly what makes our most beloved stories good! No story beat, camera move, or acting choice is too insignificant to comment upon!

Some of my work can be found at www.justinohanley.com.

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