25. Scrubs: Season 5 (2006)

It’s Got: Dr. Cox breaking down to The Fray, Turk and Carla trying to get pregnant, Elliot hooking up with Keith Dudemeister.

We don’t really need to set up Scrubs? The silly/serious hospital show that we remember fondly but haven’t really revisited in the past ten years? Perfect, off we go.

This is one of those seasons that was written and filmed in a vacuum. Scrubs had a full season order in its fifth year, but had been put on hiatus, and no one knew when (or if) the show would air on TV. So according to the showrunners around that time, they started writing the show more to appeal to themselves than anyone else. Thus, the season where Scrubs got extra goofy. That might have been to the show’s detriment later on, but in Season 5, it massively refreshed the series. Silliness was the name of the game, and it made for a really funny season.

Too bad about this review though, I don’t really know what to say. After all Season 5 doesn’t have much in the way of big memorable arcs I can remind you of, there isn’t a lot tying it all together, it’s just 24 episodes of constant hilarity and (very) occasional sorrow. But some highlights; JD’s vampire doctor screenplay (Dr. Acula), kung fu fighting (“Betrayal five!”), Doug sobbing “Dead people should be DEAD,” air banding, Floating Head Doctor, “I’m the Todd,” Turk shrieking “AAAAAUGH! LANDO CALRISSIAN,” and Dr. Cox admonishing JD’s mother’s uterus. (“BAD uterus. Don’t DO that anymore.”)

Well, that’s all I got. Entry #25, big milestone. WE DID IT YOU GUYS?

If I Had to Nitpick…: This is an overall complaint about Scrubs that I have to rant about any time there’s an opportunity. Just because they put an indie song and a sombre voiceover into the last couple minutes of the episode doesn’t mean they’ve earned an emotional ending, especially after 19 minutes of goofiness. Bugs me every time. Except when it’s The Fray.

Notable Episodes: I do have a fondness for “My Missed Perception” because it was the first episode I ever saw, but I think it holds up as a really hilarious episode. “My Way Home” proves that Zach Braff is just as useful behind the camera as he is in front of it. And “My Lunch” lets John C. McGinley shine more than usual.

Honorable Mentions: Seasons 3 and 4, the show was really pumping out some Grade A comedy for these three middle years.

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